For information about the Oregon Coast, Summer 2015 workshop tour, go here.

Welcome to my writing workshops and resources page. Information about various classes can be found at the links to the right. I'm currently offering three workshops, Introduction to Creative Writing, Memoir Writing and How to Build a Literary Life. I also offer short fiction writing, introduction to screenplay writing, spoken word and digital storytelling.

All of my workshops are offered to groups or individuals and can be attended in person or online. Groups usually consist of 4 - 6 people and workshops generally meet once a week for four weeks with an open mic/potluck on the 5th week.

The introduction to creative writing includes an adaptation of Josh Kaufman's book The First 20 Hours - How to Learn Anything and has been specifically designed to accelerate your creativity and get you writing a piece to completion. The concepts you learn in this workshop can be applied to any writing projects and, essentially, any new skill you want to learn. The outline is available here and on the page to the right.

The Intro class is designed for writers of any level and genre and can be repeated. Students have taken the class several times and some now lead their own workshops. Others are pursuing writing careers. My Building a Literary Life class includes a segment on developing one's own workshops. A sample of the workbook that accompanies the Intro workshop is here.

For questions regarding upcoming events and to request workshop materials please contact me at storynetwork at gmail dot com or see the About Me page to the right.